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Over 25% of renters lose their security despot according to a survey from Rent.com. 36% were never given a reason. Over 36 million people move every year. That's 11.7% of the US POPULATION according to the Census Bureau. Many states have no max amount that they can charge for a security deposit. Source Nolo.com a legal encyclopedia. 32.6% of people in the US rent. Moving is a high enough cost as it is. Providing proof of the conditions when you first moved in, could save you 100’s if not 1000’s of dollars. Easy to use 4 simple step process to build your custom downloadable report in PDF. Add Pictures, Time, Date and GPS coordinates which is conveniently stamped on your final report. What better proof could you or your landlord ask for? Protect your deposit before it’s to late!

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1. Why risk your Deposit. This money could be used on your next deposit or some of your down payment       on a home applied to your principle.

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First download the app, then fill out personal and property management Info, then fill out the report and download it. Whala! Your Custom Security Deposit Saver Report is Done

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